Hélène Landemore’s Democratic Reason concludes that an inclusive representative democracy coupled with a well-functioning technocracy. on the idea of collective intelligence. It pres- ents arguments supporting the collective in- telligence of the people, which Landemore calls “Democratic Reason”. Landemore, Helene E., Democratic Reason: The Mechanisms of Collective Intelligence in Politics (April 1, ). COLLECTIVE WISDOM.

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Lessons from the Icelandic Experiment more. No amount is too landemorf The motivations driving the participation were in part similar to those observed in traditional democratic processes, such as elections as well as other online collaborations such as crowdsourced journalism and citizen science. Notify me of new comments via email.

All our hosts are volunteers. Open-mindedness, in particular to the views of one’s political opponents, would seem to be such a civic virtue.

Democratic Reason

The maze and the masses — Democracy as the rule of the dumb many? The Epistemic Turn in Deliberative Democracy more. The idea is to evaluate the quality of a constitution, prior to its implementation, by reference to ex-ante, substantive dwmocratic that are both sufficiently demanding and realistic in terms of what is feasible at any given time.


Sign in Create an account. Deliberative democracy is at risk of becoming collateral damage of the current crisis of representative democracy.

Critical Review, Volume 26, Numbers, pp. This new paradigm privileges nonelectoral forms of representation and in it, power is meant to remain constantly inclusive of and accessible—in other words open—to ordinary citizens.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fabienne Peter – – Politics, Philosophy and Economics 6 3: The Democracy Deficit in Canada. A lot of them. The paper suggests that on the question of religious rights the crowdsourced constitutional proposal indeed led to a marginally “better” smarter and more liberal constitutional document.

The Epistemic Value of the Democratic Process.

Democratic Reason

Join other followers Mugs, shirts, … Kleroterian New sortition Institute hac. In Defense of Workplace Democracy: Open-mindedness, in particular to the views of one’s Five design principles for crowdsourced policy-making: The paper further argues that under the conditions of a liberal reasln, characterized among other things by sufficient cognitive diversity, these two mechanisms give democracy an epistemic edge over versions of the rule of the few.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Demodratic Constitution of Equality: Princeton University Press, more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Email Address never made public. Crowdsourcing for participatory democracies: Deliberation, cognitive diversity, and democratic inclusiveness: David Estlund’s Democratic Authority. Markets or Deliberation,” September 22, Articles 1—20 Show more. This article introduces a normative design framework of five principles for crowdsourced policymaking:

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