Three Short Stories by Kristina Sabaliauskait? She is the author of three run- away best-selling novels (Silva rerum, Silva rerum II, and Silva rerum III), covering. Art historian Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is currently the most widely read living Lithuanian fiction author. Her tetralogy of historical novels, Silva Rerum (–16 ). Occupation Novelist art historian. Genre Historical, Nationality Lithuanian Notable works Silva rerum. Kristina Sabaliauskaitė Kristina Sabaliauskait Vikipedija.

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This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat It is for a reason she is compared to Marquez – due to the sensuality and magical atmosphere, and to Umberto Eco – due to erudition and the play with conventions.

Vilnius, which is known to the world as the death scene of a famous french actress, as the execution place of thousands of Jews, as the place where such a talent as Daniel Crowbar has kristtina chance to be born.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė – Literature

But first and reeum it is the exquisitely told, realistic and captivating human stories’ [7]emphasizing even greater mastery of the storytelling and the use of language: The three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are the Market Focus at London Book Fair in and we have prepared a feast of literary delights for you to get to know some Baltic writers. I was not dissapointed. Kristina Sabaliauskaite’s “Silva Rerum”, Bernardinai.

Our poetryadvent pick for today promises spiritual fulfilment and will put you on the path to happiness. Leonidas Donskis MEP, www. British Council may use the information you provide for the purposes of research and service improvement, to ask for feedback in the form of questionnaires and surveys.


Kristina Sabaliauskaitė – Words Without Borders

It became a bestseller saabliauskait multiple editions and was pronounced “a literary event” in Lithuania, critically acclaimed and recognised by historians of culture, praised for the captivating storytelling and great attention to historical detail. In she debuted with a historical novel ‘Silva Rerum’ published by Baltos Lankos Publishers about the life of a noble Narwoysz family inthe period after The Deluge.

It is a panorama of the experiences and feelings, realised through the looking glass of the History.

The essence of this book is also a poetry. Nowadays a rare author uses such colourful, artistic and noble language’ [8].

In November the final part of the tetralogy ‘Silva Rerum IV’ an account about the Enlightenment and the period of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth partitions has been published in Lithuania and went straight to number one on bestsellers’ lists with a first print run selling-out in 3 days.

Enter your email address to subscribe: Everything that the Baroque is, is in this book. Piotr Antoni Narwoysz of Milkonty, the grandson of Casimir and son of Jan Izydor, believes solely in facts and numbers, enjoys wealth and influence, but he becomes entangled in a Radziwill family drama as a confidant. Zabaliauskait must confess, I opened this book with anxiety.


The themes that come up in her novels and short stories are identity, memory, history and the micro-histories of individuals shaped or crushed by historical events. But after reading the final, fourth part, I dare say: An exciting transportation to the Lithuanian past — and not only for an kriztina historian, philologist or art historian, but for anyone with an interest in our history.


We do this in our legitimate interest. I can not quite grasp what makes it — the excellent style, the intuitively mastered art of storytelling or the bright and harmonious emotional and intellectual inner world of the author. Under the roof of one sentence she places images, history, dialogues, thoughts, descriptions and emotions, and they follow each other as krjstina perfectly placed musical notes of an experienced composer. It is written in many levels you can move through. I expected interesting storytelling and did not want dissapointment.

sqbaliauskait A book,extraordinary in many ways. I must confess I have not read such alluring prose in a long time, it is impossible to tear oneself off this book. Girish Mahajan Editor Im a travel junky who loves to gain knowledge coz sabaliauksait know knowledge is power. I long to drink, but the water of the source recedes further.

A “memory puzzle”, it will reveal the fates of the previous Narwoysz generation, though some of them are such that the hand which is to write them down into a silva rerum – a family chronicle filled in by each passing generation – krustina to tremble I could never answer this question — all these novels are quite different as different are the periods they depict.

The language of this book is extraordinary “.

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