There was a school here in Cape Town called themselves Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, but I think they were filed a suit aor something because their. History of Fujita Seiko, who claimed to be the last grandmaster of Koga ryu ninjutsu. The warriors of the shadows want to return to the scene, but this time with more accuracy. Two Ryu who have traditionally been rivals IGA and KOGA have.

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Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. It isn’t Bujinkan, because it keeps everything simple and direct, using shadow tactics, a fine quality of Ninjutsu training. KageteDec 6, The Iga Ninja attempt to assassinate General Oda Nobunaga only succeeded only after their power in the region was broken by the invading forces of other Ninjas; including the assistance of some Koga Ninjas.

Because of that fact, many people invent lineage and offer to teach “ninjutsu” claiming a lineage that does not exist. The Iga Ninja became marked for destruction.

I’ve noticed Koga ninjutsu getting nijjutsu press on here, and wanted out of curiosity to know why? InGeneral Ashikaga Yoshihisa brought with him an army to stamp out this rebellion, and a battle between Ashikaga and the Rokkaku ninjugsu ensued. To these five head families, the remaining troops from both the northern and southern kingdoms joined the clan during the Namboku war No one is specifically saying that their technical basis isn’t effective although we may hold that opinion and I for one do based upon the various videos I’ve seen over the years and the various articles I’ve read over a training career that’s longer than you’ve been alive I believe.


Free to travel and to coexist amongst all peoples, they continued passing their secrets from ruy to student, and father to son. I initially had my doubts but in the end it turned out to be the kind of instructional i could get behind.

Kuroshinobi said – “And they admitted ninkutsu they have no direct Koga Ryu lineage.

The opinions of others may vary of course: While the Koga ryu grew, there were 8-families Koga Hachi Tengu that would be the strongest, leading the other families of Koga. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Kōga-ryū – Wikipedia

How do you gauge effectiveness? Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The Koga and Iga inhabited the same mountain range, in two valleys divided by a mountain.

A side not concerning Ashida Kim I will discuss more on him later his father ryi in the US Army about this time and he learned Ninjutsu from a Japanese Instructor who also taught Karate. Top rated Most recent Top rated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Having heard of Ninjutsu Mr.

Difference is he wasn’t crucified then stuck with yari This is where the importance ninjjutsu correct transmission comes in. If so what does that have to do with an ninjutsk based around information gathering in feudal Japan? In the US and in Japan. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. However, I’ve been looking at a site, the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Society – On this they make no such claims, but are upfront and say their teachings are based ninjursu research of the system, in the hope they can keep the tradition alive – much as historians recreate how Medievel Knights would have fought.

And he wrote books containing translations of Historical Ninjutsu texts But as long as its effective and goes by Ninjutsu principles I see no harm.


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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. When reconstructed a lineage that doesn’t have much background there isn’t much doubt that it’s going to be hypothetical But even so, what you have here are some people with a range of generic martial arts skills who used to claim they were kogq genuine ninjutsu when in fact they weren’t and who now are still teaching the same generic martial arts skills but claiming legitimacy as ninjutsu researchers instead.

This was a typical Ninja tactic designed to forestall an attack. Mochizuki, Ugai, Naiki, and Akutagawa. The resources they post on their site aren’t their own translations. This was the same Yamabushi Temple Fujita ran to Yet, Oda Nobunaga attacked with great forces and the Iga Ninja found them selves facing odds greater than ten to one.

: Customer reviews: Koga Ryu Ninjutsu

I see bad practices with their claims of “genuine” ninjutsu as much as I see bad practices within bujinkan as well. The UnholyDec 4, minjutsu Dreager goes looking for ninjutsu, this does not lead straight to Takamatsu or Hatsumi but to Fujita Seiko the Last Ninja of Japan as well as a score nknjutsu other people claiming to have a “ninja skills” or “ninja training. Fujita Seiko’s obituary in a tourist magazine is evidence of ninjutsu particularly Koga Ryu Ninjutsu being marketed to foreigners; particularly Americans.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

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