Since his death Ivan Galamian has passed into legend as perhaps the greatest teacher the string world will ever know. Barbara L. Sand asked some of his. Ivan Galamian was one of the most influential violin teachers of the 20th century. Using his technique, the violinist should place the bow hand on the frog in a. [2] Ivan Galamian also includes exercises in his book, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching. [3] Mastering the technique of playing long, sustained notes.

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Wendy November 5, at 4: The location of contact and the direction of bowing have to be maintained. So first comes the question of coordination – rhythm variations – bowing variations – emphasis of melodies – connection of all elements. The main aim is a complete technique of expressionthis means the complete mastership ican all possibilities with the instrument, in combination with an absolute safety and management of any requirement of any fine idea.

Double steps with vibrato First vibrato has to be trained with only one finger, and then it can be trained also with double steps with arm vibrato.

The parents are rating this situation as “fate”, and the child is suffering more and more for the “3 months festivities” Bowing with broken chords Three part biw Every “spring” should get conscious about it’s function intuitively.

His earliest pupils in Paris include Vida Reynolds, the first woman in Philadelphia Orchestra’s first-violin section, and Paul Makanowitzky. This facilitates the orientation of techniqque hand during playing.

Ivan Galamian

The chin never should press on the string holder. A “frog attack” is scratchy. The first finger must not be pressed on the neck of the violin. The training for the location of contact — first should be trained maintaining a location of contact at different locations on the string, maintaining a straight bowing — then one should learn to change the location of contact during the play.

Ask students to play one down-bow and one up-bow each lasting six beats, trying gslamian make the string vibrate widely Ask students to play one down-bow and one up-bow each lasting one beat, trying to make the string vibrate widely. Not wanted slides should be evaded, but not all, or there will be a dry and cold violin playing.


Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

He died at the age of 78 in in New York City. From the square to the frog continuing the up bow — the elbow is swinging forward now — the bow hand is hanging naturally now from the wrist, and the hand is turned a little bit outward taking some pressure from the bow away so the tone quality remains the same supination — on the frog the wrist is bent a little bit, and the wrist itself is becoming the principle joint now — the bow is more and more inclined preventing an inclined bowing — there should be only little pressure because on the frog is the main weight of the bow — the wrist has to adapt to these conditions in a smooth way, one has to find the right bench and the right flexibility — but one never should exaggerate inclining on the frog, but one should reduce more the weight.

Posture of the left arm The level of the string going with the elbow The elbow never is without movement. Insisting in rigid rules is irresponsible This is a dangerous manner because rules should be for pupils, and the pupils should not be adored by the pupils.

There has to be a connection between the mind and the muscles, that means there has to be the capacity to perform the mental orders into physical reactions in a fast and precise way as fast as possible. At the point of the bow more pressure and more turning of the right wrist to the inner side is necessary, less at the frog, balancing the weight of the bow.

This is a little bit difficult because eventually the music teacher is cutting his own salary when a pupil’s person is not making music any more. So, one can see that the location of contact is always changing. Not broken chords — all tones are kept in one time see Dont: Fingering Fingerings have to be considers from two points of view: But also wide and fast and narrow and slow has to be trained and has to be possible having a rich variety of vibrato for music performances.

One cannot light a fire where is no burning material. When there are double steps, compromises are needed, depending to the priority of the upper or lower tones. The movement remains horizontal. Ushnish – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – February 18, Subject: When the situation does not change after about two years so it is better for the own career to change the school where will be a higher rating from beginning on because of the primary “experience” of work. Peters Edition Limited, They have done this so that they can continue to sell a work which is legally in the Public Domain and literally ‘steal’ money from unsuspecting students and customers.


There are two reasons for that: Additionally, Galamian created scales for the violinist to play which use varying rhythms. Health damages in music professions as an orchestra musician person.

Priority has the idea of the music, and one should not elect only the most comfortable possibility of technical performance. I have galqmian these exercises described below to be very successful, and they allow the students to have a little fun, at the same time. Finger activities of the left hand and of the left wrist 3. Sound production with now little inclined bowing.

During playing in the first position the left hand should not be hold in the position of the half position. The best is the breaking procedure bottom up. Flying Spiccato can well be “recovered” so the location of the gechnique can be maintained more or less. The method of parrot only copying the interpretation of the teacher does not bring a good result.

How High Can We Count? Bowing a The system of spiral springs Bowing technique is a “system of springs” — in an artificial way: Well experienced pupils can be less strict in the basic position when there is no danger for the intonation with techniqud. I hope you will find these exercises helpful. The beginning posture of the bow always comes from the air. Notes belonging to a solo voice techniquee be kept well.


When there is a shift in combination with a change of the string, so the shifting finger is always the angle, depending on the uvan. The most frequent mistake is a fast acceleration before the change of bowing. The bow is thrown for each note on the string actively. Movements of the lower arm — exercise of the horizontal movement of the lower arm:

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