The first thing you learn about Omar Nasiri is that even his name is an alias. Read “Inside the Jihad My Life with Al Qaeda” by Omar Nasiri with Rakuten Kobo . Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s. Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s top foreign intelligence services-including France’s DGSE (Direction Read More.

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I am not sure how veracious the account is, some point I guess the book gets interesting in middle part of it when the author is actually on field in Afghanistan training camps. How the author was unable to have his own true identify, to fall in love, etc What do you think god would say, Well done, I like this war of attrition.

If goodreads had a rating below one star “Inside the Jihad” would qualify. Trivia About Inside the Jihad I did I was hesitant about reading this one, but with the gentle urging of my husband, I dove in and found that I didn’t want to pull myself away.

And when they don’t they should be killed, because that’s what happens to invading armies and occupiers. The Road to Fatima Gate.

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Omar Nasiris story is not one that is well known to us because we don’t really know what goes on in the training camps but he’s given us a rare insight into what they learn og how they learn it and what drives ordinary men to volunteer into becoming muhjadins that will fig This is a good view into how muslims become terrorists and you get some kind of answer to why they want to fight for Al Qaeda og for GIA og whatever organisation that tries to rouse their hate to all of us in the western world.

We were the most sophisticated civilization in the world. We were told he had been given a pseudonym to protect his identity. This book was written by an Arab man who became involved with terrorist groups in the s and then became a spy. In fact this would make alla a evil god.


So it was hard to read, and finish, but I did. The Discreet Charm of the Islamic Caliphate. Very insightful and frontline view into the history and future of the “jihad” tne the West refers to it and the many viewpoints and flavors this term evokes.

He presents his inner conflict of whether iinside really a terrorist or a spy in a real way, and I believed that he truly was conflicted. To Live or to Perish Forever. The other, Ah El Madja, also was convicted and sentenced to serve three years” [6a] [6b] Informative Global Patterns of Terrorism cover Belgium a useful reminder to those who memories only go back as as to when they think ’causes’ for ‘terrorism; esp Islamic variety, started in the world [6b] vikingar SOURCES: Osama bin Laden’s criminal associates played their best hand on 11 September Intelligence agencies of France.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. This was difficult to get through for a number of reasons. The arrests were part of a joint security operation with France, Britain, Sweden, and Italy before the World Cup soccer match in Paris.

Newsnight should have checked this guy’s story properly instead of beeing an instrument for creating fear. One way or another this is bound to get back to AH, if it has not already done so. Perhaps it was a Zionist plot.

Inside the Jihad – Wikipedia

Amusingly at the end, he tells us that the jihad will come to an end An interesting book by a man who trained in the jihadist camps in Afghanistan but was also an agent for the French DGSE. It had me poring over it non stop, huddled over it every morning on the tube. Also, just how woefully inept the British law enforcement and intelligence authorities were in the s when it came to Islamic terrorism. Doe’s anybody think we may have to fight these jihadists?


I am not sure how veracious the account is, some points do feel artificial. The time has come when we must embrace humility to listen, learn and nasirii with the people who could truly help raising the awareness for and promoting the mentality of informed respect, intelligent love and challenging dialogue.

With books like these it becomes painfully apparent how the agendas of our leaders are superimposed on the tge of the people who elect them. Can it be Defeated? First, there was the incredibly nuanc Phenomenal book. There are a lot of laudatory reviews of this book and many if not most reviewers take the author’s claims at face value. Allegedly, the author lived and worked as a spy for many years. Will he oblige us by getting out of our lands? The book also provides such intricate details of Islam community that it takes me a step closer to the jlhad itself.

To view it, click here. At times I found the writer a little arrogant in his skills and perceptions, but I think it truly is a must read. However, because it is written by an author who must disguise himself, it is tough to know if it nasirri all accurate. How do we face this incredible phenomenon which facing the world and spreading horror, confusion and fear in the hearts of millions around the globe?

Omar’s evaluation in the early pages of his book is very interesting. Rise and Kill First. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This book discloses the stupendous growth of Al-Qaeda camps over the years.

I’ll leave it to you to decide on it’s authenticity. The end is equally disturbing because his knowledge was available to intelligence nasiti who apparently misused him.

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