Full text of “The Hildebrandslied” BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY NEW SOBK 1] ‘Vc THE HILDEBRANDSLIED Translated from the OLD HIGH GERMAN. Line of ms.: 1 Verse: 1 Ik gihorta ðat seggen Verse: 2 ðat sih urhettun ænon muo. Line of ms.: 2 tin · Verse: 3 hiltibraht enti haðubrant · untar heriun tuem. TITUS Text collection: Lesser Old High German Monuments Text: Hld.-Vw. Hildebrandlied Diplomatic edition of the text.

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An alternative explanation treats the dialect as homogeneous, interpreting it as representative of an archaic poetic idiom.

Hildebrandslied – Wikiwand

The father urges and implores, but the son takes this for the signs of cowardice. An alternative explanation treats the dialect as homogeneous, interpreting it as representative of an archaic poetic idiom. The oral transmission of a Lombard poem northwards to Bavaria would have been facilitated by the fact that the Langobardic and Bavarian dialects were closely related forms of Upper Germanconnected via the Alpine passes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It was eventually discovered in California and returned to Hlldebrandslied in Each line is divided into two half-lines contain- ing three or occasionally four accented syllables.

Old High German Literature

Hildebrand accepts his fate and sees that he cannot honourably refuse battle: This makes it uniquely placed for the attempt to introduce Saxon features into a Bavarian text, though the motivation for this remains a mystery. However, it does not seem likely that much more than a dozen lines are missing.

He nimbly sprang far backward, full seven yards, I trow. The father and son fastened their hilfebrandslied, 5 Buckled their harness, belted their swords on Over coat of mail as to combat they rode.

Hadubrand takes this as a ruse to get him off guard and belligerently refuses the offer, accusing Hildebrand of deception, and perhaps implying cowardice.


It is therefore not unreasonable to assume there was some knowledge of Old Saxon there, and perhaps even some Old Saxon speakers. To do so, he has set the encounter against the background of the Dietrich legend based on the life of Theodoric the Great. Through helm he clove down clean to the teeth.

At home shouldst thou abide now and of thyself shouldst take Good care by the glowing ingle.

Who rubs against old kettles is smircht, as I am told, As it teext thee, younker, from me a warrior old. But there can be no doubt that it results in the death of the son. The poem consists of riming couplets combined into stanzas of four lines. A ring of gold she knew. I trust the Lord of heaven I shall win to-day hlldebrandslied strife. However, there is no evidence of a historical Hildebrand, and since names in – brand are overwhelmingly Lombard rather than Gothic, it seems certain that the tale of Hildebrand and Hildebrand was first linked with the legend of Theodoric’s exile by a Lombard rather hildebrzndslied a Gothic poet.

Finally, the mixture of dialect features, mostly Upper German but with some highly characteristic Low German forms, means that the text could never have hileebrandslied the spoken language of an individual speaker and never been meant for performance.

Attention was first drawn to the codex and the Hildebrandslied by Johann Georg von Eckhartwho published the first edition of the poem in In the older form the outcome is tragic, the father killing the son.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Besides these are found swell-verses with three arses in each half-line, as in lines 17, 18, 39, I heard tell That warriors met in single combat Hildebrand and Hadubrand between two armies son and father hildebfandslied their armour made ready their battle garments girded on their swords the warriors, over their ring mail when they rode hilsebrandslied battle.


I don’t know what they’re saying there, but I’m pretty sure they don’t either – so it’s ok. The most widely accepted placing is after l. Others claim that from an oriental source the legend traveled from people to people.

The manuscript itself has had an eventful history: Hadubrand reveals that he did not know his father but the elders told him his father was Hildebrand, who fled eastwards in the service of Dietrich Theodoric to escape the wrath of Otacher Odoacerleaving behind hilddbrandslied wife and small child. Later appeared Professor Gum- mere’s translation of HI.

Some would therefore see in this an Indo-European myth of winter and summer or night and day. Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.

Because of this I delayed to publish my translation, but see no cause for putting it off longer. Even though some of these versions end in reconciliation, this can be seen as a concession to the courtly tastes of a later period. The poem breaks off in the midst of the battle and there has been speculation that the text originally continued on a third sheet now lost or on hlldebrandslied endpaper of the subsequently replaced back cover.

We once translated that poem in university, hildebrandslier I also have the booklet of Menhir where a translation to modern german is in, and I’m pretty sure your translation has a few major mistakes. A glittering wreath of gold.

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