Krasucki F. (red.): Laboratorium z urządzeń elektrycznych w górnictwie. Skrypt Politechniki Śląskiej nr Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski . Warszawa Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski A.: Maszyny , urządzenia elektryczne i automatyka w przemyśle. Wydawn. „Śląsk” 2. Bogdan Krynicki, Miros?aw W?do?owski, Alfons Erdman, Jan Grzbiela, J zef Krzysztof?ega?ski, Jerzy Matusiak, Andrzej Machowski, Jerzy Barzowski.

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Technical advances in leading a cancer patient group. Technic of rapid detection of hemoglobinopathies. Technic of prolonged artificial ventilation in newborn and premature infants. Technic of early temporary fitting of leg amputees on the operating table. Technic of total gastrectomy by abdominal route. Technic for prosthetic refitting and rebasing using autopolymerizing resins under direct or indirect hydraulic pressure. Technic for the removal of broken bone screws.

Technic of minor transvaginal surgery. Technic for the removal of a foreign body bullet retained in the fundus of the acetabulum. Technic of maintained diuresis with sodium load and furosemide: Technic of blood coagulation diagnosis in the clinical laboratory. Technic of exploring the activity of heart conduction tissue.

Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 44522

Technic of collecting pure pancreatic juice and its enzymatic analysis. Technic to prepare root canals just once for dowel crowns. Technical aspects of configuration of functional masticatory surfaces.


Technic of McMurray’s osteotomy resection-shift osteotomy. Technic for the measurement of Macowski enzyme reactions in cerebrospinal fluid. Technic of holographoscopy of the eye in experimental animals.

Full text of “Directory of Polish officials.”

Technic for facets with reversed “pins”. Technical and experimental principles of in-vivo studies on the epithelium and superficial vascular system of the mucosa. Activation of T cells by dendritic cells exposed to a reference sensitizer: Technic of surgical correction of a residual decentering following a closed reduction of congenital femoral dislocations.

Machows,i dies maintaining their position, facilitating the exact construction of contact.

Technic of experimental resuscitation of dogs with a variant of the method of extracorporeal circulation using S. Technic for measuring specific activity of 14C02 in the air expired by rats, after administration of labelled lipids.

Technical basis for the application of localized hyperthermia. Technical annotation on the demonstration of the parafollicular cells of the thyroid and of the epithelioid cells of the juxtaglomerular apparatus of the kidney. Technical aspects and first clinical evaluation of a new circular mechanical stapler: Technic of transileal cutaneous ureterostomy. Machwski for the radiologic marking of small breast nodules in view of overdosage interstitial curietherapy.


Technic for measuring fast brain stem potentials in guinea pigs. Technic of application of sodium fluoride solution to the teeth.

Technical aspects of relaxation measurements and their relationship with tissue properties. Technic of open fetal surgery.

Grzbiela, Czesław (1938- ).

Technic of sputum collection and study machowskl previously colored Koch bacillus by direct examination. Technic of incubation with tritiated thymidine in the study of DNA synthesis applied to bioptic specimens of human testicle.

Technic in ligation and intestinal loop formation in experimental animals. Technic of transvaginal minor surgery: Technic of transnasal bronchoscopy using the flexible bronchoscope Olympus.

Grzbiela, Czesław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Technical consideration on the construction of gold-porcelain bridges. Technic grzbuela intertrochanteric osteotomy of the femur using autocompression angular plates. Technical and tactical elements governing the immediate and long-term results of retrosternal esophagoplasty using the colon.

Technic for emergency surgery of incarcerated inguinal hernia.

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