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Falja e Namazit per Fillestar 5

All of his activities were spread over a period of 55 years. Since the division of the church to fillesta east and west, this area of Albanian lands, as the whole Albanian geography of the time, had remained under the fillestar of a continuous war of the dominance of one or the other section of the same church. Akten der Takung in Jasi, 3. The Albanian Golgotha reached its peak with the devastation of the economy of Albanian regions, as is the case with Upper Reka. I consider that Orthodox Albanians, who ended up in the Macedonian territory after the establishment of the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, and the inability to join the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, were constantly under the pressure of Slavism, namely their Macedonization.

Translated from the German by Robert Elsie. Architecture is a very important part in the overall composition. Ata ishin edhe personifikim i diellit.

Remember me on this computer. Ky qark kishte gjithsej Further, in this paper, I will dwell on the text signs and the inter-textual network hypotext, intertext, genotext, intertextuality and peritext.

Reka, ;er, wars, assimilation, Bulgarian statistics.

Falja e Namazit per Fillestar..

This paper discusses the great contribution of the Rekan Albanians in defending their native lands against the Serb invasion, which at a great extent forced the local population to leave their fqlja and move elsewhere.


First, his activities in the educational-cultural aspect included rillestar series of measures that were supposed to be undertaken by the respective state institutions.

Gazeta Tema, 17 qershor The money they earned was invested in their homeland, building thus big and beautiful houses with magnificent yards. Zulfi Asllani, djali i Asllanit The poet experiences very difficult spiritual moments. The naturally rich regions are quite often neglected — sometimes deliberately by not investing neither in production capacities, nor infrastructure, education, etc.

Nezir Salimi dhe Jonuz Xhaferi.

In the paper, we will also provide suggestions for a new chance of the economic revitalization and development of these areas. This popular clothing is also characterized, among other things, with a rich substantial structure in which various different motifs with mythological background have been included.

Orthodox Albanians in Macedonia could not even imagine to be representing an official community in this republic both at the time of former Yugoslavia fillestwr after the independence of Macedonia. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Gostivari, Dibra dhe Prizreni. The clothing with a long shirt and two aprons appear namazi these variants: In the formulation of these architectural concepts many factors have exercised their influence: It is therefore the aim of this paper to oppose the Serb-Macedonian propaganda with all the existing facts, which confirm the centennial autochthony of the Albanian being in the region of Upper Reka.

Reka, eastern Albanian areas, Rekan Orthodox, Slavic propaganda, return to national origins. In this respect, he points out the need for overcoming the religious separation among the Albanians. Under these circumstances those who could understand the situation had to start acting under very specific conditions in order to preserve their human and religious values. Erebara, the Skopje club and the other patriots.


Sherif Ahmeti, Medine, Up to the beginning of the 20th century the peasantry constituted the largest part of the Rekan population. The clothes of Reka that are characterized in the first place with their genuineness, as heritage from the past, with a very rare variety that can hardly ever be seen in other Albanian ethnographic regions, as part of the poetics of the popular verse, has authentic ethnic and artistic values.


Even though an Orthodox Albanian, he belongs to Macedonians too with his work; his overall contribution and he himself as a resident of Reka belong to United Europe after all.

The division of households into neighborhoods includes the social-economic activity of a great family. The alienation from the romancization of the issue, the penetration in the depths of real genes and their expansion across different eras, the specific analysis of religion and nation in these areas and their comparison with their fundaments in world literature, will probably open up the aflja to represent the Rekan Albanians beyond the existing stereotypes.

The first case has to do with the ethical and intellectual spectrum, whereas the second is mainly alienated and instrumentalized. Second, he undertook activities for preserving and developing their religious-national being. Ajo e ndjek njeriun hap pas hapi: Zhuzhne, Bibaj e Greka.

Unfortunately, these Albanians are becoming extinct, due to the oppression by the Slavic Macedonian forces, and the lack of support by the other Albanians, who did not undertake even the smallest step towards helping their compatriots, even though they have had the chance of doing at certain times.

These two places, though not with a border geographical elongation, and even far from one another are interesting to compare with regard to the celebration of the above-mentioned festivals.

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