Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha .. be said that either Kayanupassana or Vedananupassana is excluded. Vedananupassana(awareness of feelings): bodily and mental Cittanupassana( awareness of the mind): thoughts that arise in the mind – of. download. com. http:// ://

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On the other hand if the Yogi observes and contemplates on the arising and perishing of Sukha Vedana, Tanha craving for it will not be able to arise and if there is no Tanha the arising of Upadana will not take place and when there is no Upadana, Kammabhava cannot arise.

Firstly, he suffers pain Dukkha Vedana ;secondly he suffers Domanassa Vedana mental sufferingthirdly he craves for healing Tanha and fourthly he is unaware of the arising of Domanassa or Tanha which unawareness vsdananupassana Avijja, hence by way of analogy, he is compared to a man thrusted four times with a spear.

Rupa matter or corporeality and Nama Veedananupassana must be comprehended as they really are, which are nothing but the phenomena of arising and perishing. Sotapatti, Sakadagami, Anagami and Arahatta Vedamanupassana are attained at this point, i.

He said that in attaining the first stage of Sotapanna, the elimination of Ditthi is absolutely necessary. Email Required, but never shown. This is how the revolution of Paticcasamuppada starts from the middle.

The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness [Chapter 4]

The Buddha by way of analogy compares the earth soil on his finger nail to those who attain Sugati and the earth of this whole universe to those who fall into Apayagati. Nor is he aware of the body or bodily form. The Buddha said to the Nakulapita that any one in possession of Khandhas claims that he cuttanupassana free from Vedana for a single moment is nothing but stupidity.


There may be many occasions which escape the Yogi’s mental nothing even under intensive contemplation.

Chapter 4 – The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness

Then he went to the fourth Arahat and put the same question. Then another feeling arises and passes away. Again when the tongue consciousness, arises this arising must be cognised and comprehended.

He must not analyse it or think about it, but must be aware of the experience as it really occurs, in order to realise that this cittanupqssana of the mental process or mental state is subject to impermanence. The second Arahat answered that in order that a monk might be able to see and realise Nibbana he should try to cittanupzssana and comprehend the arising and perishing of Pancakkhandha five aggregates or components vedaanupassana they really are.

It is generally considered to be too many cittas for one to meditate upon and too difficult to comprehend and cognise.

Difference between satipatthana and vipassana – Buddhism Stack Exchange

While the Buddha was residing at the Jetavana monastery, a certain monk being anxious to know how one can realize and attain Nibbana approached an Arahat and asked, Kitta vatanukho Avuso Yathabhutam Nanadassanam Suvisuddham ahosi.

As has been mentioned above, such wrong views are being harboured and maintained because of the belief that Vinnana is enduring and permanent and only the body perishes.

No, it is not. Difference between satipatthana and vipassana Ask Question.

Title- Cittanupassana And Vedananupassana Mogok Sayadaw’s Way By U Than Daing E-book

Thus, there is the chain in cittanupasasna Law of Dependent Origination. The impact of these three is Phassa. When a Yogi sees Sakkaya as Sakkaya only, i. He she comes to the understanding that what is normally thought of as “self” is a collection of constantly changing physical and mental components [of clinging] [upadana-]skandhas. My dear, what is it that is required for a clear vision of Nibbana?


It is Citta or mind where Ditthi mostly dwells and clings to. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The proximate cause is Phassa contact.

At this stage, it will be clear to the Yogi that Upadana arises because of Tanha. Hence it will cittanuapssana thus, Anicca and Magga, Anicca and Magga, and when there is no other intruding Kilesa defilement or impurity between Anicca and Magga, Magga Phala Path and Fruition can be attained in this very life.

According to Mahayana, any analytical meditation belongs to the class of vedananupassanw. These two are called Host consciousness. In the case of an Arahat when he suffers Vedana he only suffers physically and mental suffering does not arise in him because he has already eradicated and uprooted Domanassa by Magga Phala.

When Jati is obtained it amounts to obtaining Dukkha and eventually Paticcasamuppada is circumscribed.

When Upekkha Vedana is not contemplated upon, there will arise Avijja Moha and consequently Paticcasamuppada will start revolving from the beginning.

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