Operating Procedures for Bruker Vertex 70 with ATR and DRIFTS. Updated Requires MCT detector, see manual for more details. Step Scan. Vertex 70vs Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book ments for VERTEX 70v provided by Bruker Optik GmbH in advance. The VERTEX 70 is a fully digital FT-IR spectrometer series for demand- Bruker Optics is continually improving its products and reserves the right to change.

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The lower limit of the spectral range is very dependent upon the beamsplitter, and is typically limited to cm-1 KBr or cm-1 CsI.

Click here to see all job opportunities. Interested in separation science? PM-IRRAS studies the high-frequency modulation between s- and p-polarization, allowing the simultaneous measurement of two signals: You can find out more about our use of cookies in our “standard cookie policy”including instructions on how to reject and delete cookies if you wish to do so.

The extension of the mid IR towards the far IR spectral range below cm-1 is of general interest for molecular vibrational analysis for inorganic and organometallic chemistry as well as for geological, pharmaceutical, and physical applications.

Thus it is possible to study very thin films, adsorbed molecules from the gas phase and organic sub- monolayers on reflecting surfaces in detail. The unit with lens and detector is mounted on an arcuate steel rail that can be moved to adjust the angle of incidence to provide maximum flexibility to the user.


VERTEX 70v – Learn more – VERTEX 70v | Bruker

The sensitivity of this method can be significantly enhanced by employing the polarization modulation technique PM. By continuing to browse this site you agree to us using verrtex as described in our “standard cookie policy”. The ultrathin layers on metal surfaces interact with the p-polarized fraction of light, but not with the s-polarized one.

Copyright Information Interested in separation science?

MIR-FIR Spectroscopy in One Step – An FT-IR Dream Becomes a Reality – News –

About Bruker Corporation Bruker Corporation is a leading provider of high performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for diagnostics, industrial, clinical and applied analysis. To extend the spectral range further into the far IR and THz spectral ranges one or more additional far IR beamsplitters and detectors are required and because of this the user has to manually open the access flap of vretex spectrometer optics bench.

This new combination provides data collection from cm-1 to 10cm-1 in one step for all types of transmittance, reflectance, and ATR measurements without the need of any beamsplitter or detector exchange. Please contact us for more information.

VERTEX Series FTIR Spectrometers from Bruker Optics

Mar 5, Source: Applications on metal brukr Submonolayers, monolayers Ultrathin layers or coatings Biomolecules Corrosion processes Sample measurements without reference measurements Water vapour free spectra.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? When the VERTEX 70v vacuum spectrometer is equipped with these new wide range optical components, the spectral range is extended down to 10cm-1 utilizing the external water cooled mercury arc high power lamp and automatic source switching.

Our site uses cookies to improve your experience. In particular the disturbing atmospheric absorptions, caused by water vapour and CO 2are thereby eliminated. Investors Career Offices Community Register.

07 available for the first time, Bruker has developed a wide spectral range beamsplitter and detector which in connection with the standard IR source, enables access to the spectral range from cm-1 down to 30cm-1 in one step for all types of transmittance, reflectance and ATR measurements. Bruker Corporation is a leading provider of high performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for diagnostics, industrial, clinical and applied analysis.

All optical and electronic components are specially optimized for polarization modulation, which is generated by a built-in photoelastic modulator PEM. For more information, please visit www.


PMA50 module for polarization and modulation experiments. Visit our sister site separationsNOW.

The achievable spectral range of an FTIR spectrometer is defined by its source, beamsplitter, and detector combination. Moreover, the spectrometer can also be used for other applications.

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