Schnurloses digitales DECT-Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Cordless digital DECT telephone with answering machine Bedienungsanleitung Operating. Mon, 30 Jul GMT audioline dect pdf – View and Download. AUDIOLINE DECT manual online. DECT Cordless Telephone pdf. DownloadAudioline dect user manual. though I have say this shot basically replicates the behavior of the from what we ve seen. La empresa se nego.

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The phone number will be dialled.

If you have entered a number incorrectly, you can delete the number by repeatedly pressing the button. Checking Phone Book Entries You will thus be able to tell who is calling you as soon as you hear the ring tone. When you use multiple handsets you will have the following options: Remember that the settings will only work if your telephone connection has caller display CLID and the caller transmits his phone number.

The ringer volume can be adjusted separately for the handset and the base station in 5 steps. Do not throw standard batteries into the fire or immerse in water. Insert the plug of the power supply into the socket on the rear of the base station and plug the power supply into a properly installed V mains socket. You are making a call.

  IEC 62320-2 PDF

Bedienungsanleitung Audioline DECT Trio-Set (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch, Englisch)

Connecting External Calls To Another Handset – Operation – Connecting external calls to another handset If you have accepted an external call on one handset, you can forward the external call to another handset. Im Display erscheint das Symbol. After a short time the handset will be logged off. The handset will switch itself on automatically as soon as you replace it on the base station.

Audioline dect manuals |

Enter the required telephone number here with a maximum of 18 digits. This is confirmed by the CE mark.

If this number has already been saved in the phone book, the name of the caller will be displayed directly. Die Beleuchtung schaltet sich dann automatisch nach 10 Sekunden wieder aus, wenn keine weitere Bedienung am Mobilteil vorgenommen wird. Accepting Calls Auioline Die vorangestellten Zahlen werden nicht im Display angezeigt.

The numbers pressed are shown in the display. If a number that has already been stored is entered again, a long signal tone will sound and the number will not be stored. Der Anrufbeantworter muss eingeschaltet sein.

Ferneinschalten Des Anrufbeantworters Weitere Hinweise zur Namenseingabe finden Sie unter Kapitel 5. For any claims under the warranty, please refer to your dealer.

Audioline dect 4800 User Manuals

Press the button to exit the current menu level and to move one step higher. Listening to messages using the remote access facility Call your number and wait until your call is answered. Setting Ring Tones And Ringer Volumes – Special functions – Setting ring tones and ringer volumes 10 different tunes are available on the handset as ring tones for the handset and the base station. You can now speak to the internal subscriber and button.

  ASTM D5245 PDF

Extended charging and extended discharging on the other hand will both degrade the capacity and shorten the life of the standard batteries.

Power failure – If the power should fail, it will not be possible to make calls using the telephone. Bei nicht richtig geladenen Batterien kann es zu Fehlfunktionen des Telefons kommen.

Audioline DECT 4800 Trio-Set

Taste 1 bis 9 Telefonbuch Es wird der erste Telefonbucheintrag angezeigt. Page 61 – Contents – General Information Ten seconds after dialling, the display will switch from showing the number dialled to showing the duration of the call. If the qudioline is logged on to different base stations, the appropriate numbers will flash.

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