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Evaluations will include establishing communications with hostage takers and role playing of various hostage incidents. Have professional practitioners available for consultation psychologists, members of the clergy, lawyers, or. If at night, consider knocking out a rear tail light to ease ground tracking in case the electronic device fails.

Individual and team training is essential to the mission performance of the SRT 1190-58 responding to crises. Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Agree to arrange a meeting with media personnel if the abductor insists and if the meeting may cause the abductor to yield the hostages and surrender.

Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. As a minimum, personnel will receive individual and team training, to include evasive driver training.

Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. The user does not have to read it to understand this regulation. MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal. Full-time protective service a. The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to attain 190-5, religious, or ideological goals.


Do not show overconcern for the 1905-8 of the hostages.

Communicate by telephone or provide the. Cited in para 3—4 and fig 3—3. Credentials will be transferred as stated in AR —30 for military police investigator MPI credentials. They will becompleted with the name, SSN, full facial photograph in uniform, and signature of the full-time protective service person to whom issued.

The local Criminal Investigation Command element will be coordinated with prior to obligation or expenditure of. Users will destroy interim changes upon their expiration dates unless sooner superseded or rescinded. The request will include the following information:.


The SRT may 19058 from installation resources; nearby U. Weapons will be controlled in accordance with AR — AR —2 Criminal Investigation Activities. Keep the 1990-58 confined and contained, and. Cited in paras 3—3 and 5—1. Ask to see the hostages so an assessment of their well-being and movement potential can be determined.

The SRT will be deployed to preserve human life and restore normal activity on the installation. The Commanding General, U.

Equip the escape vehicle, provided to the abductor, with electronic tracking devices. Assign an individual to communicate and negotiate with the abductor and make certain the abductor knows with whom he or she is negotiating. Major af on installations. Visiting protective service personnel accompanying high risk persons will ensure coordination 109-58 their protective service mission and operations with the MACOM exercising geographical area of responsibility. Full-time protective services will be provided only for personnel designated as Level 1 high risk by the MACOM commander exercising the geographical area of responsibility, or as directed by higher authority.


Cited in para 3—3.

Full-Time Protective Service Personnel. I t provides guidance for personal protective.

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Altered, marred, or defaced credentials will be recovered anddestroyed. Cited in paras 2—3 and 4—3. Cited in para 3—1.

Cited in para 3—5. References Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. It also provides guidance for protective service operations both on and off military installations.

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