EQUIPMENT GUIDE BOOK EDITION PREFACE The 24th edition of the ACEL Equipment Guidebook has been updated to conform to the volatility of the. It’s no secret that renting large, earth moving, construction equipment is can’t utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no. special report. ACEL. Professionalizing the equipment rental buisiness. A Inc. ACEL released its first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook in May

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Breaking Tools not Included. To contribute to the equipment industry by formulating and implementing policies, advocacies and standards for the equipment sector by promoting business with integrity and world class development programs.

Click here to sign up. Mission Statement To contribute to the equipment industry by formulating and implementing policies, advocacies and standards for the equipment sector by promoting business with integrity and world class development programs. Vision Statement To be a pillar and catalyst of growth of the equipment industry and the economy as a whole. Since guiddbook inception of Philconstruct, the organization has always guidehook an active organizer of annual nationwide conventions held under the banner of Technoforum.

To help the Association in policing the ranks insofar as malpractices which are detrimental to the interest of the individual member. To promote mutual assistanc and collaboration among its members towards the fulfillment of members, undertakings under their contracts; 3.


The rates listed are based on five 5 year old equipment and such rates are mere standards. This being the case actual rates may vary depending on worksite condition, age and availability of equipment to be used and the attachments needed.

Manual or automatic control syste Capacity in Cu. Four 4 hours are allowed on loading and unloading of the cargo.

III It also featured estimates on fuel consumptions. Existing paved roads and normal traffic using the national highway. Industry experts and association members have been consulted to come up with the best possible approach for the computation of rates that would approximate the lessor’s operating cost and other incidentals.

Why does ir fail? To enjoin members to submit to the rules of arbitration as an effective mode of settling disputes in the industry; 7.

ACEL – Association Of Carriers and Equipment Lessors Inc.

All brand new models listed in the Guidebook are dquipment with internationally accepted safety devices in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Labor and Employment DOLE Order No. ACEL acknowledge that the Guidebook is a collaboration effort of its members and the different suppliers and dealers of construction and allied equipment.

This is part of ACEL’s commitment to the community and country. Hoses and couplings acle not included for all types of water pumps.

Updating of the guidebook is a continuing process and new edition will be released as needed. Shoe extension not included.


The unified vission ACEL has adopted will be its guiding light through the coming years.

Hts X 26’Range 33, CM lbs. Rental rates for Trailers, High and Low Bed 15 tons min. One useful feature of this particular edition is the inclusion of a basic reference on the average utilization per year for each type of equipment. More importantly, the association has forged alliances with the government and private sector and continues to buildup the relationship in pursuit of its interests.

Hts X 46’Range Massive infrastructure development was being done in various sectors such as power, irrigation, transport, commercial, housing and real estate development, etc. Hts X 66 Ft. Actual volume output will depend guidfbook total dynamic head.

About Us – ACEL

The years that followed showed ACEL giving priority to manpower development. It is not intent of the guidbook to be used for the rates not related to equipment leasing. The first agreement forged by the group was the standardization of rental rates that will apply to all members owning and operating the same kind of equipment.

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