An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, .. and is a step-down replacement for the 5-V DS90C Quad Driver. The DS90C is a quad CMOS differential line driver de- signed for applications requiring ultra low power dissipation and high data rates The device is. DS90C datasheet, DS90C pdf, DS90C data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, National Semiconductor, LVDS Quad CMOS Differential Line Driver.

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In this case, the unused receiver inputs should be left open.

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Under the above condi- tions, the driver can drive a twp twisted pair wire over 10m at speeds in excess of Separate request letter and separate Demand Draft shall be sent for each tender document. Also, the stubs between the line and each receiver have the potential to create reflections if they are too long, or cause an impedance discontinuity. If certain components are not delivered in time, the stores will be considered as delayed until such time as the missing parts are delivered.

Installation, configuration and commissioning of latest version of Antivirus software and its add ons on desktops, workstations, servers, gateways and all the required machines at SAC Main campus, Bopal campus and DES Delhi. E Y1 orientation Only. A bit arriving at the receiver input might not have enough time to cross the threshold before the ar- rival of the next bit, resulting in lost data.

Low Level Input Current To explain this, as the. Visual Inspection test results Read and record data of Electrical tests Rejection reports and reason for rejection. Relative Accuracy INL Differential Output Voltage In such cases the period of 14 months referred to in clause 20 b and c shall be the read as guarantee period plus two months.

  3RT1034 1AP00 PDF

The Contractor will be held responsible for the stores being sufficiently and properly packed for transport by rail, road, sea or air, to withstand transit hazards and ensure safe arrival at the destination.

LVDS technology provides solutions when Mega- bits at milliwatts are required. Low-level Output Voltage All the test and measuring equipments should be having valid calibration at the time of testing.

Tenure of the contract is for dw90c031 three years and the eatasheet and types of the components are tentative. This can be accomplished by using balanced cables, shielding from noise sources and closely-coupled dif- ferential traces on PCBs.

Country of origin — to be declared in the invoice. Since the driver output swing is severely attenuated due to dual parallel termination load, the bi-directional approach over one twp is not recommended with standard LVDS de- vices.

Where there is difference between amounts quoted in words datassheet figures, amount quoted in words shall prevail. This guarantee shall be valid and binding on us name of the bank for a period of 12 months from the date of which the Purchaser puts the stores into operation and shall not be terminable on affected by notice of any change in the constitution of the bank of the firm of Contractors or by any other reason whatsoever and our name of the bank liability hereunder shall not be impaired or discharged by any extension of time or variation or alteration made, given conceded, agreed by with or without knowledge or consent, by or between the parties to the said written contract.

Tenderers shall ensure that necessary exemption certificates are obtained by them from the purchase officer concerned to avoid any payment of such levies. Bus LVDS features similar voltage swings, but provides increased drive current to handle double termi- nations required in multi-point applications.

Noncompliance, if any, should be clearly brought out. The vendor has to develop the Burn in board with necessary ZIF sockets. The total liquidated damages shall not exceed ten percent 10 percent of the total contract price. The typical parameters to be measured for different type of devices are given in Table — II.


In addition, the DS90C provides power-offis not present. But the point-to-point physical layer interfaces have not been able to deal with moving information at the data rates required.

अंतिरक्ष उपयोग कद्र(इसरो) space applications centre (isro)

For this family of devices, the ESD protection cir- cuitry will not load the line when the device is powered off. It is a term of this contract: Input Leakage Current Packets are constructed from 2-byte doublet symbols. On the performance and completion of the contract in all respects, the bank guarantee will be returned to the Contractor without any interest. The letter so issued by the OEM on their letter head should clearly mention the enquiry number, duration of support, make and model of the computing datasneet and their commitment for support.

Data rates in theMbps are possible and this limitation is primarily dependent on the media being driven. Failsafe support is receiver de- vice dependent, please refer to the specific LVDS receiver datasheets to determine which level of failsafe support is provided.

DS90C Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

The venue of arbitration shall be the place as the Purchaser in his absolute discretion may determine. Duly filled compliance statement enclosed is to be attached with along with Part I. In datashset ar- ticle, eye patterns will be used to demonstrate signal quality for LVDS driver and receiver. Fax offer will not be accepted.

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