Point Omega has ratings and reviews. David said: Yes, for sure, in this slender little volume (especially in the first half), you’ll find Don D. Point Omega: A Novel [Don DeLillo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brief, unnerving, and exceptionally hard-hitting novel about time. Don DeLillo’s spectacular career seemed to have reached some kind of omega zone almost 20 years ago. After the red-hot streak of “The.

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I found it disturbing to watch her, knowing that she didn’t feel watched. So maybe Don DeLillo can still win me over.

Jim and Elster are no better. Thank God for that, one may think after reading through so much where nothing much has happened, even when that something that happens is dangerously close to being a nonevent.

And then, one day, she goes missing; simply disappears into the desert. Like in acting, it’s the movie a major star appears in that goes straight to DVD, and you’re like “That’s Michael Caine View all 8 comments. And this would have been a ba You may call me uneducated, ignorant, unappreciative, or a philistine, I’ll still say that I hated this book. Lesson 3 in Writing There are none of the set-piece reminiscences of Pentagon war councils that you might expect and that Bellow would have revelled inand no sustained grappling with the convolutions of thought and experience that led Elster and his real-life counterparts to pimp their high-octane brains to the nastiest regime in American history.

Jim responds that they were only there for 10 minutes. When scouting an author that’s new to me–dammit I know this–I should select a seasoned, time-tested, award-winner like White Noise or Libra or Underworld. Richard Elster, seventy-three, was a scholar – an outsider – when he was called to a meeting with government war planners. Then a devastating event throws everything into question.

It didn’t start out that way, with it’s 24 hour slow-mo P Best DeLillo sentence: A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life.

It reminds me of Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart: They appear to be subdued in the service of a novel that is decidedly more taken with elevating ideas than developing plot and character. The suggestion is that images as iconic as Psycho ‘s shower scene are so powerfully imprinted on our consciousness that we can enact them without even noticing that “shallow habit of seeing” again.


Yes, I will admit that he’s responsible for some of the most jaw-droppingly magical sentences in the history of the English language — sentences which simply and precisely allude to the most indefinable and inexplicable of human experiences and sensations, but holy shit, Don. And I might not bother buying another of his books while I’m at it. Point Omega spent one week on the New York Times Bestseller List, peaking at 35 on the extended version of the list during its one-week stay on the list.

DeLillo’s Hour Psycho: Point Omega by Don DeLillo | Quarterly Conversation

You can read this in a day, but when you do, slow down and really pay attention to DeLillo, I think you will be rewarded. Young filmmaker Jim Finley visits him there to persuade him to make a one-take, no-cut documentary interview.

Also, the concept of Point Omega is wicked esoteric, and it’s bereft of the common mile markers of normal writing that, for me, helps root a novel to earth, placing it into the family of novels that you can explain clearly to your friends.

The most relevant difference, I imagine, is that 24 Hour Psycho is the result of careful calculation and artful construction, while sporting events are the result of athletic improvisation. Last night at work a man who looked like Zizek approached the information desk.

In Line three, Jessie goes to the Psycho exhibit and meets the man on the wall. Revenge of the Fallen. E’ questo che vogliamo. It is Delillo’s sentences that make this book worthwhile.

Point Omega

Me, what do you mean? I do believe it would have been a solid three-star or even a four-star rating if I had read it, dellllo I know I’ll never take the time to find out for certain. La vita vera si svolge quando siamo soli, quando pensiamo, percepiamo, persi nei ricordi, trasognati eppure presenti a noi stessi, Massima rarefazione. But there are other ways of understanding a character than overt disclosure, and what DeLillo offers in its place provides its own kind of illumination.

Contrarian-contrarian that I am, I don’t like whiny rich people who are so jaded they drone on about the ineffability of everything, and how no one is really sure of anything ever, and you can’t cross the same river twice and so on.


I suspect it’s me that went wrong. And one of those books that I’d give 2 delilko on face value, because I found it mostly pretty boring and pointless and it left me not at all inclined to go rush out and try some more Don DeLillo, yet I still appreciated the craft of his writing, so I probably will try another one dpn his books at some point. But they also — such is the appealing simplicity of the book’s structure — send a clarifying reverberation directly across the Elster scenes, setting the terms by which his words and evasions on the Iraq fiasco are to be understood, and giving a lethally ironic context to his ruminations on archaeological time and impending annihilation.

Time that precedes and survives us.

That was a plus in my book. The amalgam of these guys would be someone wearing death metal t-shirts of gore and pain, willing to be theoretically cruel to outsourced teams as long as he wasn’t actually implementing the policies he had a hand in crafting, not directly telling departments to work harder for less, instead having digital tools and support staff play the intermediary for him, ever ready to break the rules of the social contract and hide in bureaucracy to get things done faster and cheaper, insisting omeya play by the rules, and con not following any protocols in secret.

And also, that comma without the conjunction in the middle of the quote—whose mother speaks like that? This poin the point. Would I teach it? I’d heard a lot about DeLillo’s later novels being disappointing.

Elster plays the shaman. This is a nice revelation to have. Him, how can I say this insert vague European accent poit, pauseyes, i’m looking for, pause, looking like he is thinkingbooks about, pause, look of satisfaction on his facethe process of culture.

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