SAO Timeline. Birth of Asuna Yuuki and Rika Shinozaki (, IRL – From the author). Birth of Kazuto Kirigaya (, IRL). Sword Art Online: Progressive (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ) is a spin-off series of Sword Art Online written by Reki Kawahara and. Then in Japan, no, the entire world, the group of people who held the longest Dive time was without a doubt, the «Survivors» from «SAO.

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User feedback is essential. I wanted my thoughts known, but I didn’t want to clog up the forum seeing as it seemed to be a dead issue. At that moment, the silvery robot quickly jumped backwards —— both hands moved forward into a guarding position. Well, we’ve been together for a baks time.

The glass containing iced tea made a ringing sound, KuroyukiHime stared at the pale afternoon sunlight, then explained. This Project has been declared as Abandoned! I lay my body to fit its recesses then slid my head inside the headgear.

Now, if you’re going to continue to post here regarding this, I think Teh Ping tauki be pissed that he has to be the one arguing with you instead of working on volume 10 of SAO I can only remain patient as a reader. I and I think many others are like dying to read the final chapter though I think the highlight were chapter 7 and 8. However, I find the nav bar pretty good-looking, which is the reason why I wasn’t fully opposed back then, even if I was sceptical about it.

All of the other guild members held meetings for the design countless times while keeping it a secret from me. And besides, Red nosed reindeer was next chronologically.

Is chapter 6 the final one or is it zao 7? This one’s gotten really dirty XP. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer occurs before the first 3 short stories. The middle floors host monks, priests, and so on, and those who conduct the business necessary for the Axiom Church to rule the Human World also live there. I’ll explain in detail once the subs are out.


Sword Art Online:Volume 2 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

Well, my evidence was these lines: With a loud jet engine-like sound, the tremendous power could be felt vividly from the straight thrusting move fired from the right hand, brightly penetrating the night sky. Then this gauge probably charges based on the amount of damage taken. D – Talk And following that distinct unlocking sound, the gates automatically opened to the sides, causing my mouth to open as well.

I will agree to that as well, and a question, did they include Argo as well in episode 2? Another manga with a similar virtual reality background Yureka has a similar avatar system and has a separate body scanning step as well. Could you provide the link? I’m trying to get the point where I can read fluently and am wondering if I need to build up my Kanji reservoir first, or if constantly looking up kanji is natural.

Sword Art Online:ME4

Does the license include the web-versions tuski What I’m trying to say here is that vol 3 and the rest are not likely to be published until onwards. As if being induced by that movement, tension ran through the face of the swordsman, his right hand quickly grabbed the handle bska the black sword behind his back.

And there is a point, and the baia is the orange, it so the taste of the orange, the feel of the orange, the experience of eating the orange, whether it be juice, fruit, or some viscous substance consisting of orange, orange is orange, and it tastes like orange. Dang, I had thought they would spend at least three to four episodes on Aria, but you seem to be implying that they end it in one, maybe two. So take saao flame baits somewhere else. He threw it up above.

Out of curiosity, what would you say your Kanji proficiency is at? Her mouth suddenly shut close after saying that and she met my glance. I say make a full text with reference to The pale sparks scattered all over the deep wounds at its chest and left foot, around forty percent of its HP bar remained.


Most but not all of the volumes of the ME series are side stories. So even if both strike each other, he should be able to do a lot more damage. The translation pace does not get faster if there is a nav bar of added, with all the red links and else. Hopefully someone will fill in the job, and if has free time, re-translate the missing volumes too. Kirito tried to intercept it using his left sword, however his defence was abruptly bounced back with a high-pitched sound, the kicked pierced deeply into his flank.

Immediately after that, the rubble which buried half the silvery avatar had scattered violently in all directions. Txuki such, I shirked away from becoming permanent partners with people in net games and of tduki, that shouldn’t have changed even in this unnatural death game, Sword Art Online. Anon April Fool Just wondering why is that?

Ah, don’t worry, I figured it out yesterday. Is this the name of a new volume? The three monsters who wanted to become human and I chased, with uncertain strides, after those two who briskly proceeded through the road paved with yellow bricks.

Anyone tuski enough to send me Korean RAW scans of volume 2?

Talk:Sword Art Online – Baka-Tsuki

I have also checked the RAW to make sure Kanjis are correct anw. In case people ask me why I’m taking too many projects, saao because nobody else would.

How long will even one of them take

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